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From The Collection - Jim Shore Disney Traditions Statues (2016)

In March 2016, American artist Jim Shore, famed for his beautiful and unique statuettes, released the latest in his Disney Traditions line - three figures based on Disney's 1973 film, Robin Hood. The pieces - depicting Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and Prince John & Sir Hiss - are cast in resin, hand-painted, and feature Shore's distinctive, woodcut-style sculpting. As for how I came across them, simple - as a Christmas present the same year!

'Roguish Hero'

The first figure depicts the prince of thieves himself, as portrayed by Brian Bedford. Standing at 6" tall, the figure is posed in an arrow-drawing stance, with a cheerful look on the dashing fox's face echoing perfectly the sense of wonder of the character. As per Shore's style, the sculpt is angular yet dynamic, giving a wonderful breath of life to the static figure. The colours are beautifully vibrant, particularly on the blue base and the iconic yellow cap. The detail is superb; the bow has real string, which is often cheapened by plastic string (or nothing!) in Robin Hood figures; the clasps on his tunic are very sharp; two little teeth jut out from the bottom jaw; even the fletches of his arrows are carefully carved and painted. In Shore's iconic style, all three figures feature some fleur-de-lis-reminiscent embellishments have been added to the costuming in places where simple plain colours feature in the film; this brings a uniqueness to each of Shore's figures, but is especially iconic to the Disney brand, as seen in others in the range. This figure is available to purchase from Shore here.

'Merry Maiden'

The second figure depicts the lovely Maid Marian, as portrayed by Monica Evans. Also standing at 6" tall, the figure is posed in a sweet, meek stance, reflecting the same trait in this version of the character. Like Robin, this figure is beautifully detailed, of course featuring the distinctive carving style and floral motifs, with soft yet vibrant colour. In the sculpt are subtle flows of fabric in her veil, the brush of her tail, as well as stunning detailing on her brooch. Like the Robin figure, the base pops with colour, featuring a basket-weave motif. This figure is available to purchase from Shore here.

'Royal Pains'

The third - and my favourite - statue of the set is the villainous duo of the phoney king Prince John and his hypnotic lackey Sir Hiss, as portrayed by Peter Ustinov and Terry Thomas, respectively. Standing at 7" tall, Prince John is posed in his iconic scowl, with Sir Hiss smiling obligatory behind him on a cushioned barrel. The figure is so much fun to inspect, with so much going on - the plume of Sir Hiss' cap, Prince John's sandals and ill-fitting & sharply detailed crown - it makes for a very fun statuette. Prince John sports his beautiful blue attire from the archery contest scene, with Sir Hiss wearing the first variation of his cap-and-cape combo. Nothing has been overlooked with this figure, from the detail of Prince John's undershirt to the jewels in his crown, with a marble-like effect on the base, the crown's jewel motif skirting around it. This figure is available to purchase from Shore here.

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